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Our Hog Roasts

hog roast hire

Special Rare Cross Breed Hog Roasts – Bred for Perfect Tasting Pork

 About Our Hog Roast Services

Amazing Hog Roasts slow roasted whole producing succulent pulled pork hog roasts, using the finest free range pigs in Yorkshire! For all of our hog roast events we only ever use the finest highest quality free range pigs whilst most hog roast companies use intensely farmed mass produced indoor reared pigs that taste of nothing and those hog roast hire companies that use outdoor reared pigs only about 40% of those UK pigs produced are born from free range farms and then there’s a further very small amount of about 1 or 2% of pigs that are reared and grown their entire lives in total free range conditions, not a huge amount really is it as without these entirely free range conditions can you really say a pig is free range? Probably not!  And it is this 1 to 2% of elite quality free range pigs that we use for our hog roast hire services. Our pig breeder is one of the countries best breeders of free range pigs in the UK, her pigs fall into this elite 1 – 2%, being free range all their lives. All her pigs are bred, born and reared outside. The pigs are a mixture of new and old breeds providing, we believe along with Rosemary Shrager, an ideal mix to ensure a great tasting product. It’s this same elite quality pork that is used to make all our sausages that makes them so delicious and desirable.

Free Range Hog Roasts Always Delicious

Hog RoastsFree Range Slow Roasted Tender Whole Hog Roasts For Any Event or Special Occasion

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